Monday, June 27, 2016

Do you have Hitchhikers Sabotaging your Dreams?

"Who you spend time with is who you become. Change your life by consciously choosing 
to surround yourself with people with higher standards." ~ Tony Robbins
Hitchhikers can be the people you surround yourself with, the limiting beliefs you have about yourself, or the fear-based thought patterns that are sabotaging your ability to reach your highest potential.
Whatever the case, it's time to get clear on who your hitchhikers are and set them free.
I get it. You're working hard to create a life you love. You practice yoga, you read everything Hay House publishes, you've cleaned up your diet and try to meditate with Buddha in front of your mighty altar every day... but there's something that still has a grip on you.  There's something holding you back from the unlimited potential that is you.
Chances are you've got some hitchhikers to let loose.
1. Quiet the negative inner chatterbox. 
This inner critic is most likely directed toward yourself, or perhaps it insists on blaming others for your current circumstance or emotional frame of mind. Often this negative chatter begins without our awareness of it, perhaps persisting for years before we shine a light on it.  
Transforming negative thoughts into positive ones is a skill we can all develop.  It takes practice and a deep yearning for happiness.  Start by acknowledging when you are not being loving, forgive yourself for being human, and then change your mind.  Step into your power and learn to control your thoughts rather than have them control you.  The Law of Attraction states that "a belief is only a thought you keep thinking", and you can change your life if you simply change your mind.
Like any other habit, this one's hard to break, but I promise you it's worth the work.
2. Eliminate low-vibrational activities.
Living your best life is your birthright and traveling, spending time in nature, trying new experiences, meeting new people, and taking time to expand your knowledge through courses, books, workshops, retreats, documentaries, and anything else that feeds your soul is a sure path to living an abundant, fulfilling life.
Where we sabotage ourselves is when we indulge in low-vibrational activities like drinking too much, using recreational drugs, avoiding exercise, eating unhealthy foods, spending too much time on our devices, gossiping or criticizing others, and spending time with people who do not have a genuine interest in our well-being.  In my experience, I feel at my best when I'm eating clean foods, focusing on my yoga and meditation practice, connecting with nature, strengthening my spiritual journey through learning, and surrounding myself with heart-centred, like-minded people.
Don't get me wrong, I love to have a glass of wine, but overindulgence just doesn't work for me anymore.  I spent too many years living a fear-based, unhealthy lifestyle.  Any time I've fallen off track, I feel anxious, sluggish, and disappointed in myself, and have had to take steps to get grounded and back on my path.
Simply choosing kind words toward yourself and others, fuelling your body with healthful foods and exercise, being present, and spending your time with positive, inspirational people WILL change your life in magnificent ways.
3. Embrace the big dream.
No dream is too big. Resistance to the size of our dreams is self-sabotaging, often fuelled by a belief system we've created that we are not worthy, not capable, not smart enough, not financially secure enough, and the list goes on and on.
YOU ARE ENOUGH.  You have unique gifts that the world needs, and you are doing a disservice if you don’t nurture and share them! 
"There has never been and will never be another you. You have a purpose -a very special gift that only you can bring to the world." ~ Marie Forleo 
We are powerful manifestation machines. Take inspired action toward your dreams every day, no matter how small. Write down your big dream and the 'why'. Getting clear on your 'why' connects you to the feeling of already having it. This raises your vibration and the people and circumstances to help get you there will begin to appear.
Love is the fuel that lights your inner flame.  When you choose love over fear in every situation, your life MUST change.  When you consciously choose a loving perspective, it is impossible for current negative situations to remain the same.

Sending you love and healing,
Kelli, Holistic Rain

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